Lottery Wheels That Win The Lottery

Lottery wheels or lottery wheeling systems are used for dramatically improving your chances to win the lottery. While this may be true there are two factors that may be against you when using a lotto wheeling system. The first factor is the lottery wheel MUST be a properly constructed and tested wheel. Most wheels are not tested or proven, only about 5% of the lottery wheels out there give real winning results, so trying the many wheeling systems to find a good one will be very expensive and very risky (We will recommend in our opinion the best wheeling system later in the article).

To get guaranteed lotto number winners using a wheel, it must be a FULL lottery wheel and will get very expensive to use. You will win, but you may not even break even.To explain further, a full wheel will give you a guaranteed winner as an example, a 12 number full lottery wheel will require 924 lines of numbers for a pick 6 lottery game to cover every possible number combination so you will win.

Abbreviated  lottery wheels will not guarantee winners as you are only covering a small portion of the number combinations, but can still work very good to hit winning lottery numbers if you use the right wheel that has been properly designed, which again is very hard to find.

Anyone can make a lottery wheel and state it works great. Sneaky marketers do this all the time, then they sell it as a lottery system. There are many lottery systems like this being sold that are just simple useless made up wheels with a high price tag. It still is a lottery system, but it will not win any lotteries for you any easier. We have tried and tested many of the lottery wheeling systems and lottery software systems being sold, and a long with many others have found out which lottery wheeling systems and lotto software systems to avoid as they are virtually useless and which lottery wheels work!

Most lottery wheels or lottery software wheeling systems are just made up and hyped up greatly, telling you it is tested and proven and will even state very high unbelievable win rates as 48% 66% 78% 87%, 98% and so on. This is of course false as no lottery system can give you these kinds of win rates, it is only to grab your attention and then your money. lottery systems like these are a dime a dozen and most do not even make sense, and will sell for $24- $60 or even more. If it has a high price must be good right? Wrong! Also do not think just because the wheeling system is in software format it is better, most lottery software systems have many issues, never seem to work properly and usually are done wrong anyways, get systems that are in basic format (pen and paper), then you will have no problems at all.

It is highly recommend you avoid all lottery systems being sold through places that allow affiliates to sell the system, as these are mostly systems thrown together by shady marketers that make up and sell 80% of the lottery systems out there. We have found these types of lottery wheeling systems love to show you their testimonials which are usually all false, they will even use fake winning lottery cheques to trick people into thinking the system really works great, but in fact sucks! They will usually steal a persons photo, name etc and then use it to sell their own useless lottery systems with a guarantee from places that allow affiliates to sell the system, and that 90% of the time will not honored so be be aware of this.

We are always asked what lottery system do we recommend, and stand behind. There are two very good reputable systems that are highly recommended by many as the Lotto Guy Lottery System. This excellent system is a unique 3 step system (it is not a wheeling system or past drawn numbers system) that really does increase your odds a real 30% and that is very good! I know this sounds low as most of the other lottery systems state they increase your odds to win 60% and higher all the way up to 98%, but I assure you this is only hype to sell a useless system otherwise if they told you the truth, you simply would not buy it.

We also like the Smart Play Lotto Wheels system as these are the good Tested & Proven lottery wheels that have won lotteries the world over including, Canadian Lotteries and U.S Lotteries. Both of these excellent systems work great for all pick 5 and pick 6 large main lottery games. Using a good lottery system is truly a must if your going to increase your odds to win and is really the smart way to play the lotto, just make sure you use a reputable system, or you simply will not win anymore so than you do now.

Need to checkout a lottery system out, these are the best reputable places to go to, Lottery Systems Reviews or this Lotto System Reviews – The Truth! and Lottery Systems Review Group. Make sure you do not trust any lottery system review site that recommends any systems that allow affiliates, those are all just marketing gimmicks to grab your money.


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Lottery – What’s The Point Of Using A Lottery System?

If you play the lottery on a regular basis, you really should be using a lottery system to better your chances to win lotto easier. Most of you who play the lottery are using silly methods to try and win that big lottery payout. We all want things fast and right now, but when trying to win the lottery by purchasing a quick pick lottery ticket to save time, you are actually just wasting your time and money. Real lottery experts will tell you that to win any lottery you must increase your odds to win, or your chances will be extremely poor.

So to increase ones odds at winning the lottery by hitting those lotto lucky numbers, a smarter strategy must be used or your odds to win will not increase. In this case it is a lottery system which is solely designed just for the purpose of winning the lottery easier and that is your secret to real winning success. We hear from people all the time stating that using a lottery system is not going to help them, as any lottery numbers can be drawn at any time, so why bother to waste my time. Of course any lottery number can be drawn, but there are patterns of numbers that seem to be drawn on a regular basis, there are certain numbers that are drawn much more often that other numbers. If you just pick any old numbers, yes maybe they might hit, but not likely as you very well know if you have been playing lotto for a long time. Now, using a special strategy if it is a good one, can help you play the better numbers or groups of numbers so your odds increase that those numbers will eventually hit much sooner.

Nobody said trying to win lotto was going to be easy, it is not, but as with any gambling game there is always a way or method to better your odds to win easier. All types of gambling including playing the lottery have some risk, but at least playing the big lottery games such as Powerball Lottery or Mega Millions can be life changing if won. You need to play to win and this can only be done by using a good lottery system as winning is the whole point of playing correct? As with all lottery systems, some are much better than others when it comes to assisting in better winning odds. Lottery software systems are the most common, but unfortunately they are also the worst systems to use, they are basically for entertainment purposes and will not improve your chances to win very much. The lottery systems that are actually real winning systems will not be in software format, they will in formula style formats, or pen and paper formats, as these are the real systems designed for real serious lottery winning results designed to hit those winning lotto lucky numbers.

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How To Win Lotto Almost Guaranteed!

You play the lottery weekly and of course you play to win the lotto, but are you playing correctly to win! Do you know to get guaranteed winning lottery tickets you need to use a lottery system to improve your odds to win. This is the ONLY gambling tool or strategy that can do this, but you should be aware of this, about 95% of all lottery systems being sold are developed and sold by shady marketers as Ex lottery retailers ( just store clerks) and book publishers.Then there are the marketers who just copy other useless lottery systems and then re-sell it illegally under a different name, some systems that come to mind are Lottery Winning Package by Chris Malcolm which is just common useless lotto strategies copied off the Internet and sold by false advertising to trick you.

Some of the other shady lottery systems that fall into these categories are as follows. The Lotto Black Book (shady marketer) the system has been proven useless by many for winning any lottery. Full of false advertising, not developed by a math professor Larry Blair as advertised. Then there is Ken Silver’s lottery systems as another example, you know the guy who calls himself the million dollar lotto guy. He sells the Silver Lotto System, Silver Lotto Pro, Honest Lotto System and possibly a few others. His systems do not work as advertised, there are many bad reviews that state this. Ken Silver is just a book publisher/marketer who is trying to make fast cash off of you. All of his lottery systems are very poor systems full of hype or false advertising to grab your attention and your sale. He does not honor refunds, he has many complaints from people getting taken by him, see complaint 1complaint 2, complaint 3, if you want to see more just go to and you will see plenty against this lottery system seller, I don’t make this stuff up.

So you see it is very hard to find a good reputable lottery system, this is why you cannot win the lottery no matter how many of these systems you try. When you are directed to a highly recommend lottery system that is known for winning lottery games as the Lotto Guy Lottery System, you should use it and stick with it. Real guaranteed winning lottery results will eventually come your way using the best systems, but only about 75% of the users will win, which is very good, as if you do not use a proven system, only about 2% of you will win the lottery.

It seems all of these shady marketers sell their silly lotto systems through places as ClickBank, so just avoid all systems sold through places that allow affiliates to sell it for commissions and you will save yourself a bundle of money and wasted time. Using a silly system does not help you win lotteries, only legit reputable systems that have been tested and proven will increase your odds to win and there are only a few of these around. One such system is the Lotto Guy Lottery System which was voted by poll survey as the best lottery system out of 15 other systems, now that is solid proof! If you really want to be a lottery winner, you must obtain the best systems, or you simply will fail and have very poor lotto winning success and that is a proven fact!

So please don’t fall for the win the lottery guaranteed promises most systems claim and use your head. You can win a lot of money playing the lottery, but you must use the proper proven strategies, or systems that real lottery winners use, then you will almost be guaranteed to win lotto much more frequently.


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Easiest Way To Win The Lottery

How to play the lottery expeditiously and get real winning results could be a big question we all may have a tendency to ignore. Real serious lottery players yearning for higher ways that win the lottery will always use a lottery system. Many years back I actually was searching for answers to those same queries. Yes, I lost numberless hours and thousands of greenbacks till I seen better ways that the experts play the lottery and win real cash.

There are solely 2 ways that you’ll play lotto to win. You will play lotto to win real cash, however this needs you to believe you’ll win and play systematically, by employing a well-tried strategy. You will play lotto to lose your cash like a losing slot machine. All you need to try is simply have faith in your own luck or use a lottery systems method to choose lottery tickets faster and more effectively.

By winning the lottery or touching base with winning lottery numbers, I don’t mean you’ll win jackpots all the time. I mean you’ll win a few of hundred or thousand of dollars on a weekly or monthly basis. you’ll after all even have a solid likelihood of touching base at winning the lottery jackpot each lottery draw.The reason for winning the lottery is sometimes for monetary freedom, or a brand new home, or to travel round the world, or simply a secure the future for your family. No matter your reason is, you need to learn the way to play the lottery properly to win or don’t play.

There is lots of varieties of lottery systems, most are real junk and will be avoided as you’ll lose everytime you play lotto. I do know several big-hit lottery players, a number of them earn around $50.000 – $100,00 from winning the lottery annually. All of them appear to posses identical methods of taking part in and winning the lottery, that’s why they do win and you don’t. There aren’t any magic bullets, most lotto strategies that are being soldt fail, stop wasting money and time on silly glorified systems, false guarantees, or surrealistic win rates. Even guaranteed none refunds are an indication of a scam system, therefore don’t fall for it. Find yourself a tested and well-tried lottery system. If you wish one that works of course, you’ll need use identical ones the real lotto winners have been using for real winning results.

These systems do seriously win lottery games. After selecting your system study it well, therefore you recognize the way to use it. Invest in taking part in a lot of lottery tickets. One lottery ticket will seldom win you any cash, therefore play a lot of lottery tickets to extend your odds to win even more. That is all that’s necessary to win the lottery, you need to play the lottery much smarter to have real success and win. Now for the good part. The best lottery system that is easy and seriously effective at hitting winning lotto numbers is a top wheeling system Smart Play Lotto Wheels.

Smart Play is a newer lottery wheeling system referred to as the most sensible winning lottery wheeling system in the world and is gaining an excellent name for giving lottery winning results for lotto games as Mega Million and Powerball, Florida Lotto, Kansas Lottery, CA Lottery, PA Lottery, New york Lottery, OZ Lotto, UK Lotto, National Lottery, Lotto 649, Western Lotto 649, Ohio Lottery, Illinois Lottery, cashpot 5/20 lotto, Colorado Lottery, Lotto France, German 649, and the list goes on! Players using this excellent system report good news and superb results with this wheeling system. With this sensible Smart Play wheeling system you’ll decide whether or not you would like to play big or play small, you play according to your budget.

• No advanced laborious task to grasp how the lottery system works.

.• No confusing pens and paper calculations crap.

• No high price to low winning ratio.

Smart Play is the second highest winning lottery system in the world. The highest winning system in the entire world is the Lotto Guy System, but it is a little harder to use than Smart Play, so we recommend all newbies use the Smart Play system first.

Don’t be fooled by lesser lotto systems claiming big win rates, as 9 out of 10 times it is a lie! The silly lotto systems as Silver Lotto System, Lottery Circle Software, Lottery Method System, Formula one Lotto System, Lottery Winning Package, Lotto Masta, Lottery Crusher, Lotto Black book, etc will give you no more better winning results than lottery quick picks or random lotto numbers. The best winning lotto systems as Smart Play or Lotto Guy System speak for themselves in the many lottery winners they have produced world-wide.So if you are SICK & TIRED of losing in the lotto, use the proper proven systems and you will succeed at winning the lottery often, this is the real key to winning the lotto!

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