Lottery Winning Package Review

If you have tried the Chris Malcolm Lottery Winning Package System and failed to achieve any lottery winnings, you are not alone. This is yet another silly lottery system selling copied material commonly found for free online. The reason these systems are free online is they have been proven to be of little value at winning the lottery. Chris Malcolm is just an Author/Marketer, he is not a lottery expert and is just re-selling junk systems in a bundled package that guarantee’s big wins but delivers little to nothing!

There are no reports of anyone winning with this so-called Lottery Winning Package system and get this, the system is listed on many top lottery system review sites, as a very poor or very bad system, definitely not worth using and wasting your time and money on. Poor lottery systems are flooding the market, mostly sold through ClickBank so that should be a sign to avoid them and move on to real lottery systems.

How many unsuspecting people have fallen victim to this sneaky marketer Chris Malcolm? Lots that’s why I am writing this article to inform people before they fall victim. Remember, sales pages with tons of hype, 60 day full refunds, promises of big lottery wins are usually 99% crap systems. Truthfully, there are only a few real legit Tested and Proven lotto systems out there, that actually win lotteries. These systems are not thrown together as with Chris Malcolm’s Lottery Winning Package, but were developed by real techs using real data analysis to give you a system that produces the best lottery results possible. If you want a real legit, highly proven and trusted lottery system check out the Lotto Guy Lottery System. This system has a very good reputation and you will not go wrong with it. I use it, my friends all use it and many real lottery winners use it, as it does increase your lottery wins for sure. This same superior system actually won the 2012 best lottery system poll, taking 83% of the votes over 15 so-called top systems, now that for a good winning system! (see poll results below)

2012 Best Lottery System Winner

2012 Best Lottery System Winner Lotto Guy Lottery System

According to the many reviews stating negative reports and listed on many lottery system review sites as a non-winning system, we agree that the Chris Malcolm’s Lottery Winning Package is a virtually useless system sold by marketers looking to make fast cash from you!

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  1. After reading your review on lottery winning package which I was thinking about using, it seems you are correct, it is a worthless system.

    Looking into this system, I see others warning against buying it as well, as it is nothing new, same material all over the internet. This seller is just copying free stuff and selling it.

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