Lottery – Do You Have A Lottery Addiction?

Most people these days play the lottery every draw, is that seen as a lottery addiction, or just a normal response to playing a game of chance trying to win? If most of the population play the lottery on a regular basis, playing an average of one to five lottery tickets per lotto draw, we would have to say that is just normal. If you were a lottery player that plays let’s say fifty or even one hundred lottery tickets per lotto draw, most would say that is considered a lottery addiction and they might be right. Here’s one thing to look at before you place judgement on someone. If they play that large amount of lottery tickets, can they afford to play that on a regular basis, or are they going into debt trying to play that amount. This is what you need to look at to see if is a good or bad lottery addiction.

So obviously if you can afford to play lots of lottery tickets, then you are fine. If you find yourself playing far too many lottery tickets, digging you into debt and for going paying your monthly bills, then you may have a gambling problem and yes could be an addiction. Playing the lottery is looked at as a very mild gambling habit, it is not like going to a casino on or off line and playing games as Black Jack, Roulette and so on. Those types of gambling games are very addictive and the worst part of playing those kind of gambling games is you can lose a large amount of money very quickly and go home flat broke. Playing the lottery is much more mild and there is less chance of an addiction getting out of hand.

Lots of people are playing the lottery as it is a fun and entertaining gambling game to participate in, while giving you a shot of winning a huge lottery jackpot each and every draw. We as people must have some sort of a fun outlet to look forward to and playing the lottery is a good thing in most cases, so play, enjoy and who knows, you just might be the next big lottery winner to live the dream life.

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