Lottery Method Review Pros And Cons

The Lottery Method by Ace Lee is another system we recently came across promising real wining lottery secrets, lets look at the Pros and Cons of this system. Ace Lee is a lottery vendor who says he talked to groups of people that seemed to be winning the lottery consistently. He asked if they would be willing to share their winning secrets and compiled the information into a lottery e-book called Lottery Method. This 200 page e-book is supposed to give you winning strategies for Pick 3, Pick 4, Pick 5, Pick 6 and Scratch-offs lottery tickets, you name it, this Lottery Method review e-book is supposed to cover it!

When we got a hold of this Lottery Method e-book and read through it, we noticed right off the bat, that all the seemingly secret lottery strategies were in fact just very common lotto strategies used for years and all found easily for free on the Internet. We see nothing special about this system, all more or less just hype from Ace Lee to sell lottery Methods that are free and really do not work to win lottery games. We even checked out the lottery system review sites and all of them report the Lottery Method system is virtually useless. This makes perfect sense as we know every system Ace Lee sells very much hyped-up and is just common information off the Internet.

Let’s take a look a the Pros and Cons of this Lottery method System, to see if it is really worth the expense and time of reading through 200 pages of relatively useless information which we feel is very misleading.

Pros Of The Lottery Method System:

  • System may help you a little, but mostly gives strategies that are proven un-effective.
  • Lottery method comes in a e-book download

Cons Of The Lottery Method System:

  • High cost for system that just gives easily found lotto strategies free off Internet.
  • Lots of hype and not much useful material for your money.
  • Lottery Method compared to other real winning systems is a joke!
  • Offers 60 day full refund, but we found many complaints the refund is hardly ever honored.
  • System sold by Ace Lee, who has a very bad reputation as a misleading seller of lottery products all claiming to win lotteries, yet the proof and facts show the opposite.
  • All lottery system review site report Lottery method as a system to avoid.
  • Cannot find any lottery winners who have used and won with this Lottery method.

We also would like to point out during our investigation into the Lottery Method System, we find literally tons of so-called good reviews, but when we look at each review we find they are all written by either Ace Lee or affiliates promoting the system to earn commission. These are false reviews which adds to the misleading advertising of this lottery system. When we see nonsense like this, it is a clear sign of a shady seller and our recommendation is to find a better real winning system.

What systems are highly recommended? The best winning lottery system proven to win lottery games and was in fact the best winning system voted on by real lottery winners in 2012 and 2013 is the Lotto Guy Lottery System ( Lotto Guy). This is real verified winning system, No Hype or silly misleading material as Lottery Method. You seriously must be careful when buying lottery systems, as there are so many misleading and deceitful sellers trying to make a fast buck from YOU! selling useless lottery material claiming it is going to win lottery games, as they laugh all the way to the bank.

Bottom line is, if Ace Lee’s Lottery Method system was really all that and a bag of chips, you would see real reviews by real winners on lottery websites, forums, blogs, etc, but you Do Not! Why? There Are None!

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