Winning The Lottery May Be Only Hope For Your Retirement

According to a new report, even $1 Million dollars in retirement savings may not be enough to last, winning the lottery may be only hope. The report finds that retirees should head south as $1 million dollars would last at least 24 years in Mississippi, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and possibly several other southern states as well. It would only last about 11.9 years in Hawaii. This study does not even take into account expenses like entertainment or travel and does take in account for inflation, which particularly affects older Americans, as health care costs have a higher inflation rate than the broader economy. So what can we do? We can take our chances and play the lottery in hopes of a moderate to large win.

The fact is, more and more people these days are playing the lottery, there simply is no other outlet that can be a life changing venue as fast and as large as winning the lottery. Some people never play the lottery as they say “I will never win so why even play” well, the argument there is, if you do not play the lottery then of course your chances to win are non-existent. If you decide you are going to play the lottery by only playing 1 or 2 lottery tickets (quick picks) every now and then, I sorry to inform you that your odds are still extremely poor, you need to play a lot smarter to actually boost your chances to succeed!

Boosting your chances to succeed in winning the lottery easier is a strategy used by real lottery experts, who do win lottery games much more frequently than regular lottery players. I am not saying these lottery experts win the lottery jackpot, I am meaning they hit smaller to medium winnings often which add up greatly, while at the same time giving them much better chances to hit the big jackpot. This is the smart way to play the lottery and you should follow in the same steps if you are serious about winning any lottery game.

So now with all of that explained, the way to improve your winning success rate in the lottery for real is to boost your odds using a better strategy than just standard lottery quick picks or random lottery numbers, which is what most lottery player’s use and why they fail to ever win even the smaller lottery winnings. The smarter strategy to have better success when playing any lottery game, is to use a lottery system that is designed to boost your chances to win easier, there is simply no other alternative. Lottery systems are cheap, you just need to be directed to the ones that are reputable and are designed to push up your odds to win easier. If you play the lottery, the time to start using a lottery system is right now. We have put below some links to the better more reliable lottery systems and lottery websites that will definitely show you which systems are the ones to use and that “real” lottery experts do recommend.

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