Hot And Cold Lottery Numbers

The theory behind using Hot and Cold lottery numbers is it will increase your odds to win the lottery. Hot lottery numbers are Hot, as they are the lottery numbers that are selected more often in that particular lottery draw. The Cold lottery numbers are the numbers that are drawn less frequently. Will this knowledge that many lottery players use actually make you a lottery winner?

Let’s say that you are going to analyze the past winning results of a particular lottery draw and look for the hot lottery numbers and the cold lottery numbers, you would find that the hot lottery numbers can be found in the series of winning lottery numbers a small percentage of the time. The percentage of cold lottery numbers appearing in the winning series of lottery numbers will be relatively lower, or more specifically not even in half of the winning series of drawn lottery numbers. This very common lotto strategy of using said hot and cold lottery numbers is said to be a lottery system and many systems are based on this common strategy or theory. What we find very confusing is the many so-called systems that claim using this strategy will boost your win rates as high as 50 percent, even up to 98 percent. They will actually state this on their sales page, but sorry to inform you the bad news and honest truth is, the true and actual win rate using Hot and cold lottery numbers is really only about 2 percent, that is a huge difference. Certain lottery systems mislead people as they want to make money from your sale, but you will not win the lottery as they claim.

The actual Hot and Cold lottery number frequency theory has been around for a very long time, it is the most common lotto strategy known. This strategy has been thoroughly tested and proven to only give you a very small percentage boost in win rates. In fact hot and cold numbers are not even a lottery system, it is just data that you can apply or use in real lottery systems, so do not waste time using a simple non-effective strategy, use only the lottery winning strategies that are sensible and logical to get real winning results. To find which lotto strategies are best to use as proven by lottery winners, see the trusted real reviews on Lottery Systems Reviews. These guys don’t fool you with nonsense reports or false testimonials, they tell it like it is according to real user input and winning lottery systems poll results to back it all up.

The bottom line is, using Hot and Cold lottery numbers alone for winning lotteries is not much better than just using random lottery numbers. To actually get serious winning percentages at winning the lottery, you need to use legit winning real lottery systems. The system also must be tested and proven to really increase your odds or it is just as useless as not using any system. There are a few highly respected lottery systems that many lottery winners use and do actually recommend. One such system is the Lotto Guy Lottery System as there is substantial proof to back up this system is worth using. This is the same exact system that won best winning lottery system over many other systems by real users in poll votes and polls do not lie!


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