How To Play And Win OZ Lotto

Oz Lotto stands for Australian BIG Lottery Jackpots with a Guaranteed minimum division one lottery prize pool of at least $2,000,000. This can jackpot to as high as $50,000,000 or higher!

OZ Lotto is a 7/45 lotto draw plus 2 bonus or supplementary numbers draw held every Tuesday night. a total of 9 balls are drawn at random from forty five lotto balls, and the first seven balls drawn are the “winning numbers” and the last two lotto balls are the supplementary numbers or bonus numbers.

To win the first division you must match 7 numbers in a single game with the 7 winning numbers from the OZ lotto draw.

Oz Lotto game or also known as Tuesday night lotto, is drawn each and every Tuesday night and is broadcast at about 8:40 pm on Channel Seven in New South Wales, and the affiliated regional stations.

 OZ Lotto Odds To Win Each Division
Division What you need to win Odds based
on 1 Game
Odds based
on 12 Games
Division 1 7 winning lotto numbers 1:45,379,620 1:3,781,635
Division 2 6 winning lotto numbers + 1 or 2
supplementary numbers
1:3,241,401 1:270,117
Division 3 6 winning lotto numbers 1:180,078 1:15,006
Division 4 5 winning numbers lotto + 1 or 2
supplementary numbers
1:29,602 1:2,467
Division 5 5 winning lotto numbers 1:3,430 1:286
Division 6 4 winning lotto numbers 1:154 1:13
Division 7 3 winning numbers lotto + 1 or 2
supplementary numbers
1:87 1:7

OZ Lotto Odds To Win Each Division

Now that you understand how to play OZ Lotto, you need to know how to win OZ Lotto right? Most Australian lotto players playing OZ lotto use quick picks or random lottery numbers, which I’m sorry to inform you is the worst way to play this pick 7/45 lotto game. The best proven way to hit winning lottery numbers for OZ lotto is to use a lottery system that will increase your chances to win. The hard part is finding a good winning system out of the many that claim they work for OZ lotto.

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