Minnesota Gopher 5 Winning Strategy

Minnesota Gopher 5 is pick 5/47 cash lotto game with MN Gopher jackpots starting at $100,000 and continues to grow until some lucky lottery player wins it. You must match all 5 lottery numbers drawn to win the jackpot and each play costs $1.00.

Prizes and Odds of Winning

Match Win Odds
5 of 5 numbers JACKPOT* 1 in 1,533,939
4 of 5 numbers $500 1 in 7,304
3 of 5 numbers $15 1 in 178
2 of 5 numbers $1 1 in 13





The actual odds to win the Minnesota Gopher 5 are not that bad when compared to some other lotto games, so it is a good lotto game to play. The real secret to winning this cash lotto game is to avoid using random lottery numbers or a Gopher 5 quick pick as these ways give you very poor odds to win any cash prize. You need to use proven lotto systems that have real winning track records for winning this Minnesota lotto game. There are only 3 systems that are known for hitting winning lottery numbers frequently for this lotto game. Here they are in order of effectiveness.

The most reported bigger winnings is by lottery winners using the Lotto Guy Lottery System and is the same system that won best winning lotto system in 2012 out of 15 top systems, how’s that for solid proof this system kicks ass! The second most reported winning system is Smart Play Lotto Wheels which is a well known superior lottery wheeling system which many highly recommend to use. Then there is Smart Luck which has been reported to have had some success, but to a far lesser degree than the first two systems.

We recommend the Lotto Guy System, as we know it really works great for the Minnesota Gopher 5 and many have proven this by hitting jackpots due to this excellent system. Smart Play is well known also for winning the MN Lottery, user report it hits the smaller winners 3 out of 5, 4 out of 5 very frequently and is certainly a lottery program that should not be ignored.

Winning the lotto can be fun when you are at least hitting some smaller wins frequently, while still having a good shot at hitting the big lotto Gopher jackpot. If you never hit any winners, you will quickly loose interest, therefore giving up your chance to live the lotto dream, so play smart and have some fun while do it!

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