Lotto Black Book System All Lies!

The Lotto Black Book system is a crappy lottery system that has no real lottery winners, is full of false advertising and yes lies! Larry Blair is the so-called developer and seller of the Lotto Black Book system, even the name Larry Blair is a completely misleading! The verdict is in and the proof can be shown that this so-called secret lottery Black Book system said to be developed by a Oklahoma Math Professor was in fact developed by a common sneaky marketer. There is No Larry Blair, No Oklahoma Math Professor, No special secret Lotto Black Book system, just a very silly useless lottery system that makes very little sense, as it is just bits and pieces of other useless free systems put together found online, then a fake scenario was added and lots of false advertising to make it sound like a great winning system.

The Lotto Black Book now has two different sales pages. The first sales page shows Larry Blair holding his winning lottery cheque as seen below.

Michael Anderson Not Larry Blair

Michael Anderson Not Larry Blair

This is the exact photo used on the first sales page, except the cheque pay to the order of is block out, and the persons face is blocked out. It is stated on the sales page this is Larry Blair himself, but it really is a person named Michael Anderson. This photo was just copied without permission and used to sell the Lotto Black Book System, but has nothing to do with the Lotto Black Book System at all!

We checked out the many testimonials for the Lotto Black Book and all were found to be false! Many people were tricked in to buying this lottery system costing $50 – $105 Ouch!!  Here is an article that breaks all the false stuff down so you can see Click Here. Did you know that the guaranteed 60 day refund is also a trick? ClickBank does not honor refunds for lottery systems, so guess what? You will not get any money back, the sneaky marketer keeps it all and you get a crappy useless lottery system, makes you mad does it not? Made me very angry to find this out, that’s why I report it to you.

Now remember there are two sales pages. The second sales pages down plays the scenario a little and uses less false stuff, but is still the same useless system. There are many good reviews on the Lotto Black Book, but all of them are false as are written by some 30,000 affiliates selling the system for commissions, so be very aware of this and let others know so they are not taken by this gimmick. Every legit review site is now warning people about this Lotto Black Book lottery system.

At this time there are really only about two legit reputable lottery systems out of about 30-40 systems that actually work well and are not sold by marketers. We can only recommend the Lotto Guy Lottery System and Smart Play Lotto Wheels. Both are top-notch real legit lottery systems that work excellent for most all pick 5 and pick 6 lottery games worldwide. Many happy users report good wins playing the lottery using these proven lottery systems. We all need to use a good system if we are going to succeed in hitting winning lottery numbers. Avoid the silly systems such as The Lotto Black Book and use real proven systems and your winning lotto success will definite Explode!!

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  1. It is very hard to find honest reviews on the lotto black book system, you do tell the truth, I know, as I have tried the bogus system myself and it is nothing special at all. Developed by a Professor of math? If it actually was, that so called professor Larry Blair should be ashamed of himself, but we know now the real truth is, the system is fake!

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