Lotto Black Book Formula Review

The Lotto Black Book System is a bold winning formula developed by a math professor that is revealing his lottery winning secrets. The Lotto Black Book has been around for more than a few years now and lottery winners who have used this system should be a plenty, so my biggest question is, where are they? The only people we are seeing claiming the system to be a real winning system, is the same people who are selling the system and that tell us a whole different story.

The so-called creator of the Lotto Black Book System is nothing more than a regular person, who is not a math professor or a math professor. The creator of the system calls himself Larry Blair, who says won the lottery jackpot three times in a row using his own Lotto Black Book System. Ok that is fine, so where is the winning lottery tickets for proof? The fact is, there is no real winning lottery tickets, this was all just made up and this same person who created the Lotto Black Book was caught using falsified lottery winning cheques and testimonials. So we know for a fact the creator of this system is misleading people just to make money from their sales. To further back this up, almost all Lotto Black Book Reviews are by people trying to sell the system, they are called affiliates and yes, they feed you a load of crap just to make a sale.

We also found out that most of the people selling the Lotto Black Book System have either never actually used the system, or they have used it, but never won any lottery draws at all. so again where are all the lottery winners who have used this system? We also found out the top lottery review sites all seem to agree that the Lotto Black Book is nothing more than a huge hyped up bunch of misleading nonsense. Someone is getting rich with the Lotto Black Book, but it is not the people who use it trying to win the lottery.

There are only a few reputable trusted real winning lottery systems that actually are know to do very well at winning the lottery worldwide, sadly the Lotto Black Book System is definitely not one of these systems and the latest best winning lottery system poll results verify this with solid proof!

As you can see for yourself the Lotto Black Book was a losing system, no real lottery winners had good results with it, therefore got very low votes. About 75% of the lottery players who used the Lotto Guy Lottery System had good to very good winning success! Which is why it was voted as best winning lottery system. Lets look at some facts to show you why the Lotto Black Book System is virtually useless.

The Lotto Black Book System Facts: 

  • Is not a true winning lottery system, simply no real proof. 
  • Lotto Black Book was not created by a professor, just a regular marketer.
  • Creator of the system did not win three lottery jackpots or any lottery winnings.
  • System creator was in fact caught red handed using false photos of winning lottery tickets/people to trick others into believing they won using the Lotto Black Book System when they did not. Since caught has change the sale page to hide some evidence.
  • All good reviews on the Lotto Black Book were found to be written by people promoting the system to earn commissions.
  • The story of math professor Larry Blair being shot in the leg for this Lotto Black Book System is a total crock! No one was not shot at all, just think about it, the thieves could just buy his system, there is no need to shoot anyone, see what I mean?

So to re-cap this article for you, the Lotto Black Book System is simply a hyped up non winning lottery formula made up by a greedy marketer looking to get rich from sales of the system and has never won any large lottery winning at all!

We highly recommend you use a true winning lottery system, one that has real verified lottery winners and one that others cannot sell so reviews are for real. Start using systems such as the Lotto Guy Lottery System or Smart Play Lotto Wheels you know it is good when many users get god results with the system and this show in the poll results which is solid proof!

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