Lottery Circle Software System A Waste Of Money!

We are getting very tired of seeing people being taken in by misleading lottery systems such as, Ace Lee’s Lottery Circle Software System. To be very honest, the system does not give you good winning results and will certainly not give you a 96% win rate as Ace Lee claims (has now removed this bogus win rate as was caught). Stating this misleading win rate is called false advertising and is illegal according to the FTC and it should be reported. The time is coming very soon, when all of these bogus lottery software systems with false advertising, false testimonials, and false money back guarantees are going to disappear as they are now being found out and written about more and more.

Lottery software systems as Ace Lee’s Lottery Circle system are nothing special, just built up hype to pull you into the sale. The fact is, all lottery software systems or any past drawn number frequency system, gets their material for free off of lottery statistic websites, which is free for all people. Even though it is free, these lotto software systems as Lottery Circle System, will only at the very most give you a win rate around two percent. These lotto software systems are really not lottery systems, they are information that can be used with real lottery systems. Most people do not know about the huge rip-off going on with lottery software systems such as, Lottery Circle Software System, Formula 1 Lotto Software system, Lottery Crusher Software System, Lotto Payload Software System, Lottery Audit Software System, Lottery DNA System, and many others. Update: Many of these systems have now removed their false claimed win rates, that does not mean the system is now ok, they simply fooled people and are still trying to sell these useless systems)

Now that you know lotto systems like Ace Lee’s Lottery Circle prediction System will be virtually useless at winning lottery games, you of course need to use real proven winning systems that work in a completely different lotto strategy to hit winning lottery numbers. Use the best proven systems that are recommended by real lottery winners such as Smart Play Lotto Wheels or the Lotto Guy Lottery System. Both of these systems are real verified winning systems even verified by real poll results and they really do work great for about 75% of the lottery players who use them. These are the real lottery systems that are helping people hit winning lottery numbers a little easier, so it just makes common sense that these are the same systems you need to also be using to better your winning success!

Would you rather use a lottery system developed by a store clerk/marketer like Ace Lee and his Lottery Circle System or a real tested and proven system designed by real tech/professionals, real lottery experts.That’s why real systems work and bogus systems fail.

Take a look at the latest best winning lottery system poll results above. As you can see the winner was the Lotto Guy Lottery System, clearly solid proof this system is winning lottery games, need I say More?

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