How To Win Lotto Almost Guaranteed!

You play the lottery weekly and of course you play to win the lotto, but are you playing correctly to win! Do you know to get guaranteed winning lottery tickets you need to use a lottery system to improve your odds to win. This is the ONLY gambling tool or strategy that can do this, but you should be aware of this, about 95% of all lottery systems being sold are developed and sold by shady marketers as Ex lottery retailers ( just store clerks) and book publishers.Then there are the marketers who just copy other useless lottery systems and then re-sell it illegally under a different name, some systems that come to mind are Lottery Winning Package by Chris Malcolm which is just common useless lotto strategies copied off the Internet and sold by false advertising to trick you.

Some of the other shady lottery systems that fall into these categories are as follows. The Lotto Black Book (shady marketer) the system has been proven useless by many for winning any lottery. Full of false advertising, not developed by a math professor Larry Blair as advertised. Then there is Ken Silver’s lottery systems as another example, you know the guy who calls himself the million dollar lotto guy. He sells the Silver Lotto System, Silver Lotto Pro, Honest Lotto System and possibly a few others. His systems do not work as advertised, there are many bad reviews that state this. Ken Silver is just a book publisher/marketer who is trying to make fast cash off of you. All of his lottery systems are very poor systems full of hype or false advertising to grab your attention and your sale. He does not honor refunds, he has many complaints from people getting taken by him, see complaint 1complaint 2, complaint 3, if you want to see more just go to and you will see plenty against this lottery system seller, I don’t make this stuff up.

So you see it is very hard to find a good reputable lottery system, this is why you cannot win the lottery no matter how many of these systems you try. When you are directed to a highly recommend lottery system that is known for winning lottery games as the Lotto Guy Lottery System, you should use it and stick with it. Real guaranteed winning lottery results will eventually come your way using the best systems, but only about 75% of the users will win, which is very good, as if you do not use a proven system, only about 2% of you will win the lottery.

It seems all of these shady marketers sell their silly lotto systems through places as ClickBank, so just avoid all systems sold through places that allow affiliates to sell it for commissions and you will save yourself a bundle of money and wasted time. Using a silly system does not help you win lotteries, only legit reputable systems that have been tested and proven will increase your odds to win and there are only a few of these around. One such system is the Lotto Guy Lottery System which was voted by poll survey as the best lottery system out of 15 other systems, now that is solid proof! If you really want to be a lottery winner, you must obtain the best systems, or you simply will fail and have very poor lotto winning success and that is a proven fact!

So please don’t fall for the win the lottery guaranteed promises most systems claim and use your head. You can win a lot of money playing the lottery, but you must use the proper proven strategies, or systems that real lottery winners use, then you will almost be guaranteed to win lotto much more frequently.


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  1. Your the first honest person to write it as it really is. Ken Silver is nothing but a Con Man who tricks people and will never give you a refund for his Silver Lotto system. You say the Lotto Guy System is a good system to use, I know this to be true, as I have used it and won many lottery draws over the past year. If you havre any secret lottery tips or advice please send them to my email, Thanks A Million!

  2. Enjoyed your article. You definitely are a lottery expert that has been aound and knows what playing the lottery is all about. I read other articles but they just say the same stuff over and over. You have however pointed out some very interesting ways to increase my success playing the lottery, great article.

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