How To Beat Lotto Winning Secrets

How to beat lotto winning secrets will give you an edge to increase your chances of winning the lottery. Did you know that about 3 people out of every 5 play the lottery? Some play the lotto consistently and some just off and on, but the main reason we all play lotto games is it to try to win correct? Just like anything else if you do it properly, usually you will obtain good success, playing the lottery is no different.

I am going to show you want you need to do to win the lottery and also what you should not do, as it will either waste your time and money or just be a less successful way of playing lotto.

What You Need to Beat The Lotto:

  • You need to use a solid proven winning lotto strategy or what is called a lottery system.
  • You need to increase the amount of lottery tickets you play each lotto draw, as it helps to increase your chances to win lotto, by putting the odds to win more in your favor.
  • You need to play the lotto consistently, meaning play your lotto game continuously no breaks. If after a while no lottery results, then take a short break and repeat. This is very important especially when using a lottery system.
  • You need to play the lottery game that has the best odds to win right from the start. For example it’s easier to win a 6/49 lottery game than a 7/49 lottery game.

These are your recommended how to beat the lotto winning secrets, follow these steps as many real lottery winners have and you will increase your chances to win the lottery Big Time! Now let’s look at what you should not do if trying to beat the lotto.

What Not To Do If Trying to Beat The Lotto:

  • Do not use silly useless lottery systems as lotto software past drawn lotto numbers systems, these systems all give you the exact same free data you can get online at lottery statistic websites, no need to pay for them. These types of systems typically claim to give you big win rates as 96% up to 100% which of course is definitely Not True! Just selling you a system only capable of about a 2% win rate at best using false advertising, money making gimmicks. (we will show you the best winning lottery systems to choose from)
  • Do not play your lottery numbers in a sequence such as 1-2-3-4-5-6 as this would be extremely rare to hit.
  • Do not give up easily, it does take time to win lotto. Most lottery systems build up winning percentages as you use them, so do not get impatient.
  • Do not play the lotto using just random lotto numbers or lottery quick picks. This is a huge mistake that many lottery players make and then wonder why they never win even the smaller lottery winnings. These give you the poorest odd to winning any lottery game.

You now have the basic secrets to winning the lotto, all you need to do to start off is find the right lotto strategy or lottery system to use. We could just tell you which systems work or do not work, but it is better to show you proof. For the 2 years in a row the best winning lottery system poll was held. This was to show which systems real lottery winners used to win lotto, by placing their votes for the systems that won them lottery cash prizes! See official poll results below (click to enlarge).

Best Winning Lottery System Official Poll Results

As you can see by the poll results the systems that are winning lottery games are:

  1. Lotto Guy Lottery System – 67%
  2. Smart Play Lotto Wheels – 22%
  3. Gail Howard Smart Luck – 3%

These are the top winning systems that real lottery winners use. Many lottery games such as Texas Lotto, California Lottery, Powerball, Mega Millions ETC. This is like getting real lotto winning secrets free, as you would have to go through every single system to figure out which work and which are B.S systems. This saves you big bucks and a lot of wasted time. We suggest you use one or both of the top 2 winning systems, Lotto Guy Lottery System or Smart Play Lotto Wheels. Both of these systems are completely different strategies, if you are a beginner at play the lotto, we suggest starting off with Smart Play as is very easy to use. both systems are very powerful at winning lotto!

You now have the best How To Beat Lotto Winning Secrets there is, just apply them and you will most definitely see real success at winning the the lottery easier.

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