Silver Lotto System Real Review

The Silver Lotto System is created by Ken Silver who calls himself a real lottery expert, which is very strange, as he is not a lottery expert at all. The Silver Lotto System was originally called Honest Lotto System, then for some reason he changed it to the Silver Lotto System, I wonder why? Could it be that in the past, the Honest Lotto System got a very bad reputation? Yes, that is exactly why, far to many people complaining that the system did not work!

If you look into the past of Ken Silver and his e-book publishing business you will see all the material he sold was copied directly off the Internet, just re-worded a little. This is fine, but when he started selling his Honest Lotto System (this makes me laugh Honest My Ass), it was not long before people started complaining the system was a fraud and did not win the lottery as Ken Silver highly advertises. After many complaints and many bad reviews, he then changed the name and hyped-up the whole system to sound much better than even before. Ken Silver now claimed with his newly named Silver Lotto System, it would give you a very serious win rate of ninety eight percent, or you would win 8 out of every 10 lottery draws using the system.

Ken silver claims to have won 2.1 million playing the lottery using his own Silver Lotto System, yet he does not have or show you any real proof of this. What he does show you on his website is pictures of groups of so-called winning lottery tickets, but he fails to show you them up close, you cannot see if they are really winners or not, a sign of a ploy or trick. This is a sneaky trick that tells you right off the bat, something smells very fishy with this Silver lottery System. Then he shows you bunch of testimonials, all of which have been found to be false and some were even copied right off other websites (he moves these off and on). Of course when the review sites posted this, Ken Silver quickly removed these copied/borrowed testimonials. He was caught red handed lying to sell his system, which tell you right there and then, the whole thing is a sham.

The Silver Lotto System reviews are plentiful when Googled. when we checked out all the reviews on Google and found most all of the reviews were not real, we knew the Silver Lotto System was as useless at winning lottery games as you can get. If a person was just browsing and seen all of these so-called great reviews on the system, they would think it was a great winning system, but in reality is an extremely poor winning system. The Silver Lotto System has been downloaded by many people over the years, yet there are no real lottery winners that won using the system that we can find, including Ken Silver himself. There are much better real winning lottery  systems to use than the Silver Lotto System, so think before you make a mistake that will just waste your time and money.

I want to show you some real proof of where The Silver Lotto System stands in the real world. Look at the poll results below of the recent best winning lottery system poll. Real users of these systems voted on which system gave them real lottery winning success! I’m sorry, but the Silver Lotto System placed a 0% out of 21 lottery systems. So where again are all of these lottery winners using the greatest winning system in the world as Ken Silver would have you believe? There are None! Case Closed!

The winning lottery system that did place first out of 21 other lotto systems was the Lotto Guy Lottery System. A real verified University tech developed system tested and proven for real winning results. Do you still believe a common e-book publisher using false testimonials, false advertising, losing big time in a lottery system poll, has the best winning system in the world, the Silver Lotto System?


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