How To Really Win Pennsylvania Cash 5

Pennsylvania Cash 5 is the only PA state Lottery game that can offer you a chance to win the lottery jackpot every day and take home all the cash! There are No annuities with PA Cash 5, if you do match all of the PA Cash 5 drawn winning Lottery numbers, you can take receive all the cash winnings in one lump sum. (See PA Cash 5 Prizes and Odds Below).

To really have success winning this Pennsylvania lotto game you need to stop using silly un-proven methods as random numbers. Only about 2% ever win using random lottery numbers, which is very poor odds. Now stepping up to a lotto strategy as in a lottery system improves those odds even more, as most systems as Lottery Software Prediction, Lottery Wheeling, Lottery Box Systems and so on do help, but still your odds to win no matter what the systems claim will only be slightly better. Instead of going though lottery system after lottery system to eventually find a good one, which will be costly and time consuming, just focus on the systems real lottery winners have used to hit some winners on PA Cash 5 and other Pennsylvania lottery games such as Treasure Hunt, Powerball, Mega Millions and Match 6 Lotto.

The best 2 lottery systems recommended by real winners are the Lotto Guy Lottery System and a seriously good lotto wheeling system called Smart Play Lotto Wheels. These are the exact same systems that have the best over-all winning success for these PA Lottery games. We found PA Cash 5 winners who are using the Lotto Guy System and most reported some very good winning results using the system, hitting 4 numbers very frequently. Two of these players hit the jackpot matching all 5 numbers. As we have said before and we will say it again, this system is recommend by many as it really does work great at hitting winning lottery numbers.

The Smart Play Lotto Wheels System is also known to win the Pa lottery games equally as well, it just has not been around as long, so who knows, it may even be the better system. The fact is you need to use a lottery system, so why not use one of the best winning systems to give yourself an edge over other PA lottery players, it is the Smart Way To Play!

Match Probability of winning per Single play Distributions of winnings pool Cash 5
5 of 5 1:962,598.00 67.94% after deduction of fourth prize
4 of 5 1:5,066.30 11.90% after deduction of fourth prize
3 of 5 1:136.90 20.16% after deduction of fourth prize
2 of 5 1:11.4 $1 fixed prize


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