Lottery Method Review – System Not Worth Using

Ace Lee is a former lottery retailer, which means he worked in a grocery store, who provides tips on how to realistically win more in the lottery with his Lottery Method system. His Lottery Method system covers the lotto in the pick 3, pick 4, pick 5, and pick 6 lotto games. The system comes in the form of an e-book costing about $49 and is basically a package deal of various common lottery strategies found free on the Internet, so why would you pay for it?

Here is what Ace Lee says why you should buy his Lottery Method system:

From my experience as an ex-lottery retailer…

1) I have sold many lottery tickets including the pick 3, 4, 5, 6, and the scratch offs tickets.

2) I have researched & analyzed the patterns of lottery winners and losers.

3) I have personally talked to many lottery insiders (lottery agents, lottery winners, lottery players).

4) I have been the FIRST EX-lottery retailer to create a step-by-step lotto system.

Lets look at his answers. First off just because you sold many lottery tickets working at a grocery store does not mean you are a lottery expert in any way shape or form. He also says he talked to many lottery winners. Well again this does not mean you know how to win the lottery or some how have become an expert in winning the lottery. He says he has re-searched patterns of lottery winners and losers. Well again that just means he looked at winning tickets and losing tickets, how can that make you an expert, all lottery players look at their tickets.

Here is the bottom line with Ace Lee and his Lottery Method system. The actual system is full of very common lotto strategies easily found online for free, same place Ace Lee got it and put it all into an e-book. Why are these strategies very common and free? They have been tested and tried for years and produce very little winning results. We have see this repeated over and over in all Ace Lee’s lottery systems as Lottery Circle Software, which gives the same past drawn numbers for your lotto game, as you can get free online at lotto statistic websites. Ace Lee is just coping already easily obtained material off the Internet and sells it to you. He is not a lottery expert, just a marketer selling whatever he can.

Think about this! If Ace Lee was in fact a lottery expert and all his systems worked so well where are his big winning lottery tickets and why would you need to have affiliates sell your systems? This means the system wins nothing and all money is made by sales. We have not found a single person who has won with anything with Ace Lee’s Lottery Method system and all top lottery system review forums say to stay clear of his systems.

When choosing a system, choose one that many people are actually winning with as the Lotto Guy Lottery System or top lotto wheeling systems as Smart Play Lotto Wheels. These are real systems design by real professionals who have access to equipment to analyze large amounts of data and design systems that are for real, not just some garbage of the Internet sold under a catchy and full of false advertising.

We simply have no respect for sellers like Ace Lee selling high priced systems as his Lottery Method system, which is a bunch of virtually useless information that we all can find and use free if desired. His gimmick is that he was an ex-lottery retailer, well so were about 8 of my friends and they are not some how transformed into a lottery expert, maybe Ace Lee should find another money making gimmick, as his name is now recognized as a shady seller.

To win the lottery you must play smart, do not be out-smarted by shady sellers. Use a top winning system, you get top winning results, it’s that easy!

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