Formula 1 Lotto System Is Not A Winning System!

The Formula 1 Lotto System is not a winning system and the system was not created by a professor Glenn Hooke. We are getting very angry, as we are receiving many reports weekly about the Formula 1 Lotto System being a false system. People are getting mislead by this lotto software system that claims, will give you winning lotto results 8.7 times out of every 10 times you play the lottery. This is totally a pure lie! The bogus system gives you no better odds, or win rates than any other basic lotto software system, which is a about a two percent win rate at best. The real seller and creator behind this very common type lotto software program is a very shady marketer.

Did you know almost 90% of all lottery systems are created by marketers? These systems such as the Formula 1 Lotto Software are mostly full of lies and false advertising to pull YOU into the sale and there will be NO REFUND! Stating this misleading advertising as huge false win rates and lying who really created the system is very illegal according to the FTC and you should be report it. Two very popular false lottery systems have been taken down by the FTC and more systems that mislead people such as the Formula 1 Lotto System are next in line, so stay clear of these false winning systems, we will show you real proof of which lotto systems are really winning the lottery.

One of the reasons we are writing this review of the Formula 1 Lotto Software System, is people are getting very stressed out and frustrated with these merry-go-round bogus lotto systems that don’t provide what they promise. A big clue for you to remember is almost every single fake lottery system is sold through ClickBank, or other market places that allow affiliates, get the message? Yes, there are a few real verified winning lottery systems, but ONLY a few out of the 40 or so useless ones on the market. Take a look below at the latest best winning lottery system poll official results, you will see solid proof of which systems real lottery winners used. You need to click on lotto poll to enlarge.

Best Winning Lottery System Official Poll Results

See where the Formula 1 Lotto System placed? Not very good at all, only got 1 vote, most likely the marketer who owns the system. Polls do not lie! If the Formula 1 Lotto Software actually won lotteries as claimed, there would have been many more people voting for it, but that did not happen. The proof is solid, review sites report the Formula 1 System as a very poor winning system, many people who tried the lotto software reported NO WINS and to top it off an official poll revealed NO WINNERS used this false Formula 1 System.

Now that you know lotto systems such as the Formula One Lotto System will be virtually useless at winning lottery games, but you of course still need to use a real proven winning system that works in a completely different lotto strategy to hit winning lottery numbers. Use the best proven systems that are recommended by real lottery winners such as Smart Play Lotto Wheels or the Lotto Guy Lottery System (Best winning system). Both of these systems are for real verified winning systems, that are making some people millionaires by winning lottery jackpots world-wide, so it just makes common sense that these are the same winning systems or formulas you need to be using yourself.

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Smart Play Proven Winning Lotto Wheels

Smart Play Lotto Wheels system is a newer verified Tested and Proven lottery wheeling system that works. They are already establishing a name for themselves as one of the best, if not the best lottery wheeling system around. We receive reports almost daily stating these wheels are helping people win the lottery easier, it’s great system to use for playing Powerball.

The main thing we like about the Smart Play Lotto Wheels system is these are all wheels that have been Tested & Proven by actually winning lotteries and all have won at least 3 lottery jackpots. Smart Play gives you 15 lottery wheels in groups as Budget Wheels, Conservative Wheels and Max Play Wheels, which allow the user to choose his or her wheel according to their budget on any given day. This is super great for all lottery players and these wheels are very easy to use and work for most all pick 6 and pick 5 lottery games such as Powerball and Mega Millions.

Most lottery systems we find are very hyped-up high-priced systems that do not work as advertised and we no not recommend these systems at all. When we do find a good lottery system such as Smart Play Lotto Wheels, we do recommend it as people are having a hard time going from lottery system to lottery system, trying to find a good one and wasting a lot of time and money along the way.

Remember this! If a lottery system states guaranteed wins, move along, if it has a high price move along, if it is sold through ClickBank or any marketplace which lets affiliates sell the system also, move along until you find a good reputable lottery system such as Smart Play Lotto Wheels which does none of those things. If you would like to checkout other reviews on other lottery systems, lottery software, etc. Only trust reputable review sites as Lottery Systems Review Group  or Lotto Systems Reviews as most review sites are actually affiliate sellers/marketers and will only say the systems they sell are good and or products, they will always tell you the false information so you buy their product which is most likely pure garbage, they just want your money. Get a good system the first time and stay with it, that is the smart way to play the lottery.


Lotto Guy Lottery System Formula Works

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Win The Lottery

Win The Lottery Easier With Lottery Wheels

To Win The Lottery easier you do need help and Lottery Wheels are an easy to use method to increase you lottery winnings. Lottery jackpots are getting larger the world over, people do realize the lottery is their one chance to get rich fast, so more and more people play which raises the jackpot amounts. You could win the big jackpot at anytime, but realistically speaking you could play the lottery for a lifetime and never hit the lottery jackpot, that is why a better playing strategy is absolutely needed for any person playing the lottery.

Lottery wheeling systems have been around for ages and have won lottery jackpots for many lottery players. Lottery wheels are generally easy to use, so most people can use and apply them with little to no trouble at all. These lottery wheels come in many types of patterns, some work good, some work very good and some work not so good. Most lottery wheels fall into the category of working not so good, you really need to know which wheeling systems are the better ones to use, if you are going to have better winning success.

To use a lottery wheel all that is needed is your own group of lottery numbers that you want to put into the wheel or wheels, then the wheels can put your numbers into lines using a mathematical pattern, which if your numbers are drawn can result in winning more than just once. We do not recommend lottery wheeling systems that give you the numbers to put in, you need to know that the numbers you put in are good ones not just any old numbers. Good highly recommended Lottery wheeling systems such as Smart Play Lotto Wheels are a highly recommended system for a good reason. These wheels have all been proven and verified good winning wheels, so no jumping from system to system, just stick with the better ones from the start. Strategy is also important to win the lottery in that, it also takes you a step further to increase your over-all winnings. Smart Play Lotto Wheels uses special win rate boosting strategy you can also apply if you wish to your wheels, which really does make a big difference.

There are other good wheeling systems on the market that you could use, but in general most lottery wheels are designed by regular people sitting at home, or using software, both of which does not mean they are a good winning wheels and can waste big money and tons of time testing systems to find a good one to use. Lottery wheels that have been thoroughly tested and designed by lottery experts are your real key to better actual winnings, so just keep that in mind if wanting real winning results. Also no system can guarantee you winnings, systems are just tools to help increase your odds to win nothing more. Playing the lottery is gambling and no gambling is a for sure thing.

Generally if you are a newbie to using more in-depth lottery systems, it is highly suggested to just use a lottery wheeling system, as they are much easier to use and many big lottery jackpots have been won solely by using good lottery wheeling systems and that is essentially what we are all after, the big win right!


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Lottery Experts Reveal How To Really Win The Lottery

Most strategies people use to try and Win The Lottery are basically useless. Only a few methods actually have been proven to be very successful at helping to improve winning. When it comes to winning the lottery the odds are highly against you, so one has to know what works and what does not work, only real lottery experts can help in this area. There are far more lottery strategies that do not work, or do very little to improve your odds of winning. In all honesty we are truly lottery experts and will not steer you wrong. The truth is, to win the lottery you are going to need some luck and a good proven strategy to boost your odds to win easier.

We see quite a few so called lottery experts giving people advice on how to win the lottery and we are not very impressed. First off, most so called self-proclaimed lottery experts are usually nothing more than publishers and or marketers selling very common, but heavily hyped up lottery programs, systems, books and so on. If you were to follow and take advice from these types of so called lottery experts, you will most likely be very disappointed with your success rates. The most commonly seen advice is to use a lottery software system, this will most likely be a past drawn numbers system or what is also known as a hot and cold numbers type strategy. This type of lottery strategy was ok about 10 years ago, as past drawn numbers were not given out free on most all lottery statistic websites as they are today. Lottery software systems are a gimmick and are pushed only by marketers looking to make money from your sale, do not fall for it.

Real lottery winning strategies will not just simply give you your numbers to play (push a button software gives poor success), they will be of a strategy that is designed to put your numbers into much better winning groups, this is the best and only type of strategy worth using. You will only find a handful of real winning strategies, versus the plentiful useless types of lottery strategies, so pick your strategy carefully the first time around. You can look at honest real lottery system reviews at Lottery Systems Review Group or Lottery Systems Reviews, these lottery system review sites will point you in the right direction as to which lottery systems are worth using, or not worth using.

Now assuming you have made your choice and are using a good reputable lottery system/lottery strategy, that is the best you can do, the rest is some luck. Without using a good lottery strategy, all would be pure luck which is the group most lottery players fall into. You are using strategy and luck, which boosts your odds to win the lottery much higher, it’s just common sense and is the smart way to play any lottery game. There are no magic systems, lucky numbers, horoscope numbers etc that will help you win the lottery, only good proven strategy and some luck will explode your lottery winning success.

We have also put a few articles below that you should read, these are very highly recommended true winning lottery systems that we all should be using.

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Smart Play Lotto Wheels Effective System

Need more proof to back these proven real winning systems? Check out the poll results below on which lottery system worked best for you (poll simply do not lie).

How To Beat Lotto Winning Secrets

How to beat lotto winning secrets will give you an edge to increase your chances of winning the lottery. Did you know that about 3 people out of every 5 play the lottery? Some play the lotto consistently and some just off and on, but the main reason we all play lotto games is it to try to win correct? Just like anything else if you do it properly, usually you will obtain good success, playing the lottery is no different.

I am going to show you want you need to do to win the lottery and also what you should not do, as it will either waste your time and money or just be a less successful way of playing lotto.

What You Need to Beat The Lotto:

  • You need to use a solid proven winning lotto strategy or what is called a lottery system.
  • You need to increase the amount of lottery tickets you play each lotto draw, as it helps to increase your chances to win lotto, by putting the odds to win more in your favor.
  • You need to play the lotto consistently, meaning play your lotto game continuously no breaks. If after a while no lottery results, then take a short break and repeat. This is very important especially when using a lottery system.
  • You need to play the lottery game that has the best odds to win right from the start. For example it’s easier to win a 6/49 lottery game than a 7/49 lottery game.

These are your recommended how to beat the lotto winning secrets, follow these steps as many real lottery winners have and you will increase your chances to win the lottery Big Time! Now let’s look at what you should not do if trying to beat the lotto.

What Not To Do If Trying to Beat The Lotto:

  • Do not use silly useless lottery systems as lotto software past drawn lotto numbers systems, these systems all give you the exact same free data you can get online at lottery statistic websites, no need to pay for them. These types of systems typically claim to give you big win rates as 96% up to 100% which of course is definitely Not True! Just selling you a system only capable of about a 2% win rate at best using false advertising, money making gimmicks. (we will show you the best winning lottery systems to choose from)
  • Do not play your lottery numbers in a sequence such as 1-2-3-4-5-6 as this would be extremely rare to hit.
  • Do not give up easily, it does take time to win lotto. Most lottery systems build up winning percentages as you use them, so do not get impatient.
  • Do not play the lotto using just random lotto numbers or lottery quick picks. This is a huge mistake that many lottery players make and then wonder why they never win even the smaller lottery winnings. These give you the poorest odd to winning any lottery game.

You now have the basic secrets to winning the lotto, all you need to do to start off is find the right lotto strategy or lottery system to use. We could just tell you which systems work or do not work, but it is better to show you proof. For the 2 years in a row the best winning lottery system poll was held. This was to show which systems real lottery winners used to win lotto, by placing their votes for the systems that won them lottery cash prizes! See official poll results below (click to enlarge).

Best Winning Lottery System Official Poll Results

As you can see by the poll results the systems that are winning lottery games are:

  1. Lotto Guy Lottery System – 67%
  2. Smart Play Lotto Wheels – 22%
  3. Gail Howard Smart Luck – 3%

These are the top winning systems that real lottery winners use. Many lottery games such as Texas Lotto, California Lottery, Powerball, Mega Millions ETC. This is like getting real lotto winning secrets free, as you would have to go through every single system to figure out which work and which are B.S systems. This saves you big bucks and a lot of wasted time. We suggest you use one or both of the top 2 winning systems, Lotto Guy Lottery System or Smart Play Lotto Wheels. Both of these systems are completely different strategies, if you are a beginner at play the lotto, we suggest starting off with Smart Play as is very easy to use. both systems are very powerful at winning lotto!

You now have the best How To Beat Lotto Winning Secrets there is, just apply them and you will most definitely see real success at winning the the lottery easier.

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Formula 1 Lotto System Review The TRUTH!

The Formula 1 Lotto System is a lottery software system created by a 63 year old MIT Professor Glen Hooke, get this, it only took him 27 years to perfect. If you actually believe this, you are most likely one the the un-lucky people who have purchased this fake, yes I said FAKE lottery software system that wins nothing more than random lottery numbers.

When I say the Formula 1 Lotto System is fake, what I mean is, there is No MIT Math Professor Glen Hooke who took 27 years to create this virtually useless lottery system, that is a fake selling scenario to suck people in. The real developer of this poor lotto software system is a common Marketer, nothing more. Also the lottery system it’s self is nothing special and is quite useless at winning lottery games. This system has been tested by many real users and has been found to not work even close to as advertised. We gave the Formula 1 Lotto system a test and we also did not receive any winning lottery tickets, in fact it was a total money wasting system.

Yes, there are many good reviews on this system and if you checked out these so-called great reviews, you would see they are all false reviews! All written by affiliates who sell the silly software system trying to grab commission sales. Any legit real winning lottery system will not allow affiliates to sell it, this is a direct gimmick to make the seller fast money, as the lottery system wins NOTHING! All reputable review sites report this Formula 1 Lotto System as a junky system to avoid.

The Formula One Lotto System was actually entered in the 2012 Best Winning Lottery System Poll to see which system people actually had real winning success using. Anti cheat was in place, so all voters could only vote once. As you can see when you click on the poll results, the formula 1 Lotto System was a losing system, only 1 voter liked it, most likely the marketer who sells it. This poll clearly show you which systems people are winning the lottery using.

Also in another lottery system poll below the Formula 1 Lotto System again did not fair well.

According to the final poll results, most lottery players voted for the Lotto Guy Lottery System, which was developed by real University Techs, using real software to get real data analysis and lotto number pattern analysis, all verified as legit. There are no affiliates selling this winning system, it’s the real deal and a proven winning system you all should be using.

Say goodbye to the un-realistic Formula 1 Lotto System. It lost in both lottery system poll votes. The system owner Glen Hooke is a total fake and the system is a virtually useless software system that has no real lottery winners, you be the judge!

Here are a few more review sites that are legit you should check them out:

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Lottery Circle Software System A Waste Of Money!

We are getting very tired of seeing people being taken in by misleading lottery systems such as, Ace Lee’s Lottery Circle Software System. To be very honest, the system does not give you good winning results and will certainly not give you a 96% win rate as Ace Lee claims (has now removed this bogus win rate as was caught). Stating this misleading win rate is called false advertising and is illegal according to the FTC and it should be reported. The time is coming very soon, when all of these bogus lottery software systems with false advertising, false testimonials, and false money back guarantees are going to disappear as they are now being found out and written about more and more.

Lottery software systems as Ace Lee’s Lottery Circle system are nothing special, just built up hype to pull you into the sale. The fact is, all lottery software systems or any past drawn number frequency system, gets their material for free off of lottery statistic websites, which is free for all people. Even though it is free, these lotto software systems as Lottery Circle System, will only at the very most give you a win rate around two percent. These lotto software systems are really not lottery systems, they are information that can be used with real lottery systems. Most people do not know about the huge rip-off going on with lottery software systems such as, Lottery Circle Software System, Formula 1 Lotto Software system, Lottery Crusher Software System, Lotto Payload Software System, Lottery Audit Software System, Lottery DNA System, and many others. Update: Many of these systems have now removed their false claimed win rates, that does not mean the system is now ok, they simply fooled people and are still trying to sell these useless systems)

Now that you know lotto systems like Ace Lee’s Lottery Circle prediction System will be virtually useless at winning lottery games, you of course need to use real proven winning systems that work in a completely different lotto strategy to hit winning lottery numbers. Use the best proven systems that are recommended by real lottery winners such as Smart Play Lotto Wheels or the Lotto Guy Lottery System. Both of these systems are real verified winning systems even verified by real poll results and they really do work great for about 75% of the lottery players who use them. These are the real lottery systems that are helping people hit winning lottery numbers a little easier, so it just makes common sense that these are the same systems you need to also be using to better your winning success!

Would you rather use a lottery system developed by a store clerk/marketer like Ace Lee and his Lottery Circle System or a real tested and proven system designed by real tech/professionals, real lottery experts.That’s why real systems work and bogus systems fail.

Take a look at the latest best winning lottery system poll results above. As you can see the winner was the Lotto Guy Lottery System, clearly solid proof this system is winning lottery games, need I say More?

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How To Really Win Pennsylvania Cash 5

Pennsylvania Cash 5 is the only PA state Lottery game that can offer you a chance to win the lottery jackpot every day and take home all the cash! There are No annuities with PA Cash 5, if you do match all of the PA Cash 5 drawn winning Lottery numbers, you can take receive all the cash winnings in one lump sum. (See PA Cash 5 Prizes and Odds Below).

To really have success winning this Pennsylvania lotto game you need to stop using silly un-proven methods as random numbers. Only about 2% ever win using random lottery numbers, which is very poor odds. Now stepping up to a lotto strategy as in a lottery system improves those odds even more, as most systems as Lottery Software Prediction, Lottery Wheeling, Lottery Box Systems and so on do help, but still your odds to win no matter what the systems claim will only be slightly better. Instead of going though lottery system after lottery system to eventually find a good one, which will be costly and time consuming, just focus on the systems real lottery winners have used to hit some winners on PA Cash 5 and other Pennsylvania lottery games such as Treasure Hunt, Powerball, Mega Millions and Match 6 Lotto.

The best 2 lottery systems recommended by real winners are the Lotto Guy Lottery System and a seriously good lotto wheeling system called Smart Play Lotto Wheels. These are the exact same systems that have the best over-all winning success for these PA Lottery games. We found PA Cash 5 winners who are using the Lotto Guy System and most reported some very good winning results using the system, hitting 4 numbers very frequently. Two of these players hit the jackpot matching all 5 numbers. As we have said before and we will say it again, this system is recommend by many as it really does work great at hitting winning lottery numbers.

The Smart Play Lotto Wheels System is also known to win the Pa lottery games equally as well, it just has not been around as long, so who knows, it may even be the better system. The fact is you need to use a lottery system, so why not use one of the best winning systems to give yourself an edge over other PA lottery players, it is the Smart Way To Play!

Match Probability of winning per Single play Distributions of winnings pool Cash 5
5 of 5 1:962,598.00 67.94% after deduction of fourth prize
4 of 5 1:5,066.30 11.90% after deduction of fourth prize
3 of 5 1:136.90 20.16% after deduction of fourth prize
2 of 5 1:11.4 $1 fixed prize


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Puerto Rico Lottery Winning Numbers

It seems there are not many good lottery winning strategies for winning Puerto Rico Lottery, so here are the best strategies to win PR Lotto. PR Lotto winning strategies are for the most part very similar to many other lottery games, such as playing more tickets or lines of lottery numbers. This helps increase your win rate. I know many people will say I cannot afford to play more lottery tickets than just one or two each lotto draw, well my response is, it is gambling and you do have to pay to play.

Other strategies you can use to increase your chances to win are using more of the most frequently drawn numbers. This will help your win rate to increase, but by only a few percent at best. The real top winning lottery strategy you need to apply is to use a verified real lottery winning system. Many systems claim will win the lottery, but in reality only a few top systems are worth using. The key is to know which of these lottery systems you should be using and which ones will simply not be of any great benefit to your winning success.

I will show you proof of which lottery systems real lottery winners use and will be the better systems for you to increase your odds to win the Puerto Rico Lottery. Take a look at the official best winning lottery system poll results below, to see which systems received the most votes, meaning which systems others have used that helped them win lottery games.

Using a reputable real winning lottery system is the smart way to play PR Lotto. Using the more common yet silly strategies as luck numbers, birthdates, fortune cookie numbers, horoscope lottery numbers, random lottery numbers and the list goes on and on, are simply more or less a waste of time. Time to use the best type of strategy, a lottery system, it is the only actual tool to increase your odds to win lottery games as Puerto Rico Lottery.

Pick a top winning lottery system such as the Lotto Guy System or a great wheeling system such as Smart Play Lotto Wheels and simply know there is no better strategies, so just stick with it. Since many  people who play the Puerto Rico Lottery want a better winning strategy, especially for Puerto Rico Lotto and Puerto Rico Revancha, both being pick 6 lotto games and others winning these lottery games are using the Lotto Guy System and or the Smart Play Lotto Wheels, it would certainly seem to be a wise playing strategy to increase your winning success!



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Lotto Black Book System All Lies!

The Lotto Black Book system is a crappy lottery system that has no real lottery winners, is full of false advertising and yes lies! Larry Blair is the so-called developer and seller of the Lotto Black Book system, even the name Larry Blair is a completely misleading! The verdict is in and the proof can be shown that this so-called secret lottery Black Book system said to be developed by a Oklahoma Math Professor was in fact developed by a common sneaky marketer. There is No Larry Blair, No Oklahoma Math Professor, No special secret Lotto Black Book system, just a very silly useless lottery system that makes very little sense, as it is just bits and pieces of other useless free systems put together found online, then a fake scenario was added and lots of false advertising to make it sound like a great winning system.

The Lotto Black Book now has two different sales pages. The first sales page shows Larry Blair holding his winning lottery cheque as seen below.

Michael Anderson Not Larry Blair

Michael Anderson Not Larry Blair

This is the exact photo used on the first sales page, except the cheque pay to the order of is block out, and the persons face is blocked out. It is stated on the sales page this is Larry Blair himself, but it really is a person named Michael Anderson. This photo was just copied without permission and used to sell the Lotto Black Book System, but has nothing to do with the Lotto Black Book System at all!

We checked out the many testimonials for the Lotto Black Book and all were found to be false! Many people were tricked in to buying this lottery system costing $50 – $105 Ouch!!  Here is an article that breaks all the false stuff down so you can see Click Here. Did you know that the guaranteed 60 day refund is also a trick? ClickBank does not honor refunds for lottery systems, so guess what? You will not get any money back, the sneaky marketer keeps it all and you get a crappy useless lottery system, makes you mad does it not? Made me very angry to find this out, that’s why I report it to you.

Now remember there are two sales pages. The second sales pages down plays the scenario a little and uses less false stuff, but is still the same useless system. There are many good reviews on the Lotto Black Book, but all of them are false as are written by some 30,000 affiliates selling the system for commissions, so be very aware of this and let others know so they are not taken by this gimmick. Every legit review site is now warning people about this Lotto Black Book lottery system.

At this time there are really only about two legit reputable lottery systems out of about 30-40 systems that actually work well and are not sold by marketers. We can only recommend the Lotto Guy Lottery System and Smart Play Lotto Wheels. Both are top-notch real legit lottery systems that work excellent for most all pick 5 and pick 6 lottery games worldwide. Many happy users report good wins playing the lottery using these proven lottery systems. We all need to use a good system if we are going to succeed in hitting winning lottery numbers. Avoid the silly systems such as The Lotto Black Book and use real proven systems and your winning lotto success will definite Explode!!

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